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As an energy-saving business supported by the government, ESCO business is the system that covers the implementation, operation, management, and maintenance of the industry and construction that consume a great amount of energy.

Business Overview

GS Neotek’s ESCO business is aimed at providing a total energy-saving solution including the optimal energy-saving solution required by the customer, best financing method, and best energy operation consulting, based on the 37-year experience accumulated from a number of project implementations in various fields such as mechanical equipment, electrical, automatic controls, information & communication, environment, including energy engineering services like energy diagnosis & design and greenhouse gas management.

What is ESCO Investment Business?

Major Business under Promotion

Major Business under Promotion
Business Field Major Project under Promotion
Equipment System
- High-Efficiency Boiler, Chilled Water Storage System, Co-generation System,
   Absorption-type water cooler, Waste Heat Recovery System,
   Gas Engine-driven Turbo Chiller, Condenser Tube Automatic Washing System,
   Compressed Air Dehumidifying System, Swirl-type Absorption/Washing Point
Equipment System
- Inverter System, Motor Controller, High-Efficiency Lighting Fixture, Max.
   Demand Power System
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공장 부분 에너지절약 사업

Anticipated Effect

Korea imports most of its energy sources. Therefore, we can secure corporate competitiveness by increasing the efficiency of energy use through the energy saving business, and further enhance the nation’s competitiveness.

  • P 1~7 ESCO

    • Name of Project : P 1~7 ESCO
    • Project : Recovery of waste heat from the
                     production process
    • Orderer : LG Display
  • Hongwon Paper Mfg. ESCO Project

    • Name of Project : Hongwon Paper Mfg.
                                   ESCO Project
    • Project : Process improvement & Heat
                     Source Equipment
    • Orderer : Hongwon Paper Mfg.
  • Yangji Pine ESCO Project

    • Name of Project : Yangji Pine ESCO Project
    • Project : Absorption-type Water Cooler
    • Orderer : Yangji Pine Resort
  • Lusem Plant ESCO Project

    • Name of Project : Lusem Plant ESCO Project
    • Project : Inverter Installation
    • Orderer : Lusem Corp.
  • Lusem Plant ESCO Project

    • Name of Project : Lusem Plant ESCO Project
    • Project : Chilled Water Storage &
                     Associated Equipment
    • Orderer : LG Siltron

    • Name of Project : SKCKOLONPI ESCO Project
    • Project : Waste Heat Recovery System
    • Orderer : SKCKOLONPI

Business Performance

Business Performance
Year Project Name
2015 - Energy-Efficient Ventilation System for the Energy Efficiency Improvements of the
  DaedooFoods Factory No. 1 Facilities
2014 - Energy efficiency work at SKC workplaces (Suwon, Jincheonand Ulsan plants)
- Installation of heat exchanger at CheonanSlag plant of SampyoElementary
- Installation of high efficiency lighting at NonghyupFeed branches (Gangwon,
- Energy·Greenhousegas reduction solution project 1st stage of POSTECH
- Building Energy Efficiency Project at SejongCenter for the Performing Arts
- Factory I, A part ventilation improvement energy efficiency project of
  DaedooFoods Co., Ltd
2013 - Building Energy Efficiency Project at the University of Seoul
- Energy Saving Project for Lighting Improvement at NEOFLEX Co., Ltd
- ESCO Service for Lighting Improvement at HadongThermal Power Plant
  Headquarters (KOSPO)
- ESCO Project for Waste Heat Recovery of SampyoIndustry
- Energy Efficiency Project for Lighting Improvement at KFC Stores (SRS Korea
  Co., Ltd)
2012 - Stage 1 building energy efficiency project of Korea University
- ESCO service to convert to highefficiencylighting products in GuroSungsimHospital
- Energy saving project of Doosan Engine
2011 - Replacement to induction lamps in the 1st ~ 4th boilers of Taeanplant
  headquarters in Korea Western Power ESCO
- Improvement of heating and airconditioningsystem in the 1sr research building in
  Seoul National University –ESCO service
- Replacement to energysavingstreet and security light in Gangjingun–ESCO service
2009 - SorakPine Resort Heat Pump Installation ESCO Project
- Government Complex DaejeonBoiler Replacement ESCO Project
2008 - SKC KOLON PI JincheonPlant Process Improvement ESCO Project
- YangjuDyeing Industrial Complex Boiler & Waste Heat Recovery Equipment ESCO
- HankukCement I.D FAN Equipment ESCO Project
- 2007 Social Welfare Facility ESCO Project
2007 - GS Caltex Incheon Oil Reservoir ESCO Project
- National Pension Corp. Heat Source Equipment & Associated Device ESCO Project
- LG ELECTRONICS GasandongWater Cooling System ESCO Project
2006 ~ 2004 - LG LCD P7 FAB Inverter Installation ESCO Project
- LG LCD P4/5 Waste Heat Recovery Equipment ESCO Project
- HongwonPaper Mfg. PyeongtaekPlant Process Improvement & Heat Source
  Equipment ESCO Project
- LG LCD P4/5 Cool Water Storage Equipment ESCO Project
- LG LCD P1~6 AHU & Smoke Exhaust Equipment Inverter Installation ESCO Project
- Gumi LusemPlant Inverter Installation ESCO
- GS Mart ChuncheonMechanical Equipment Improvement ESCO
- YangjiPine Resort Heat Source Equipment ESCO
- SiltronChilled Water Storage & Associated Equipment ESCO
- GS Mart 5 Branches Inverter Installation ESCO
- Siltron3Plant Inverter Installation ESCO
Representative Field of Concentration / Profession E-MAIL TEL
Woong Chul, Shin Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESCO) +(82) 2-2630-5299
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