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Water treatment business is aimed at maintaining a stable aquatic ecosystem and preserving the proper water quality in order to supply safe drinking water/industrial-use water to household/factory, and simultaneously solving the problem of water shortage that is being addressed globally.


GS Neotek’s water treatment business covers the development/application, design, construction, operation management and environment consulting of overall excellent water-related technology such as advanced sewage/wastewater treatment, T-P reduction, reuse of sewage/wastewater, advanced purification treatment, pure water and ultra pure water, sewage pipe line work, etc., aimed at the maintenance of a stable aquatic ecosystem based on domestic/overseas water quality & aquatic ecosystem environment standard and preservation of water quality suitable for the purpose of water use.

Major Business under Promotion

Major Business under Promotion
Business Field Major Project under Promotion
Sewage Treatment
- Design/Construction/Trial Running of Sewage Treatment Facilities and Individual Sewage Treatment Facilities
- Development and Application of Advanced Sewage Treatment Technology for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal
Waste Water
Treatment Facility
- Efficient Design/Construction/Trial Running for Each Source Material and Production Process
- Applicable Fields: Electrical, Electronics, Semi-Conductor and Other Industrial Waste Water Treatment Facilities
Sewage/Waste Water
Recycling Facility
- Design/Construction/Trial Running of Sewage and Waste Water Recycling Facility
Pure Water/De-Ionized
Water Facility
- Pure Water/De-Ionized Water Facility for Electronic/Semi-Conductor and Generation Facility
Sludge Reduction Facility - Sludge Reduction Technology (Mechanical Dehydration)-Used Facility

Advanced sewage/wastewater treatment and recycling technology

Name of technology : Advanced sewage/wastewater treatment and recycling technology by slim-type flat sheet membrane module & integrated dephosphorization system and internally re-circulated water filtration (Acquired the New Technology Certificate No. 322 from the Ministry of Environment)

Process Overview : Advanced environment-friendly sewage/wastewater treatment using slim-type high efficiency membrane & dephosphorization system

Advanced sewage/wastewater treatment and recycling technology

Industrial Property Right (New Technology Certification/Patent)

Ministry of Environment New Technology Certification : Advanced sewage/wastewater treatment by slim-type flat sheet membrane module, integrated dephosphorization system, internally re-circulated water filtration (No.322)

Patent : - Advanced sewage treatment system including internal filtering screen (No.10-0969220)
              - Dephosphorization system for advanced sewage treatment system (No.10-0989051)

Industrial Property Right (New Technology Certification/Patent)

Business Performance

Business Performance
Year Project Name
2013 - Improvement Work of Sewage Pipe and Sewage Treatment Facility in Termez of
2012 - Installation of the wastewater treatment facility in the GS EcoMetal Ulsan factory
- Wastewater and drying facility for Jeju Tangerine Factory No. 1 of Hyundai Heavy
2011 - Seong Ju County Phosphorus Removal Facility Work
- Kangwon Land high1 Hotel Sewage Disposal Plant: Modification Work
- Construction for the volume extension of the water treatment system in NCC Yeosu
  factory of LG Chem, Ltd.
- Wastewater treatment facilities in Paju Industrial Complex (Stage 3)
- Installation of the heating water circulation equipment in Yongyeon factory of
  Hyundai Heavy Industries
2010 -SongSan Mechanical/Electrical (Instrumentation) Work
-LG Display Gumi P6 DI Expansion Electrical/Instrumentation Work
-Underground Water/Washing Plant Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion &
  Advanced Treatment Work
-P9 environment facility construction of LGD
-Construction of sludge reduction facility of Songdo Sewage Treatment Facility
2009 - Daehan Pulp Cheongju Plant Waste Water Treatment Facility
  Modification/Supplementation Work
- LG Display 'Paju' LCD P8E Environment Equipment Work
- Advanced Treatment & Facility Modernization Project Mechanical Piping Work
- Suyeong Public Sewage Treatment Facility Modification Project Mechanical Piping Work
2008 - Hyundai Steel HR/Plate Plant Water Treatment Work: Mechanical Piping Installation Work
- Dong Kuk Steel Plate Plant Water Treatment Equipment: Sand Filter
  Production/Installation Work
- New Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant Nos.1 & 2 Sewage Purification & Vacuum Transport
  Equipment Installation Work
- LG Display Gumi P6E Environment Equipment Electrical/Instrumentation Work
2007 - Dairy Cooperative Yangju Plant Wastewater Treatment Facility Supplementation Work
- Phase II Mechanical Piping Work
- Osan Sewage Recycling Plant Electrical Instrumentation Work
- Advanced Treatment Facility Work (Mechanical + Electrical)
- Advanced Treatment Facility Work (Mechanical + Electrical)
- Advanced Treatment Facility Mechanical Piping Work
- Namgan Dam Upstream Sewer Pipe Facility (1st District Area) Mechanical Piping Work
2006 - Osan 2nd Sewage Treatment Facility Project – Equipment/Electrical/Instrumentation Work
- Expansion & Advanced Treatment Mechanical Piping Work
Representative Field of Concentration / Profession E-MAIL TEL
Hang Hwan, Bea Water Treatment Facility +(82) 2-2630-5793
Jea Sun, Lee Water Treatment Facility +(82) 2-2630-5533
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