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Building Control Business (IBS Business) provides economy, efficiency, comfort, functionality, reliability, and stability by furnishing comfortable office environment through the introduction of a system suitable for the scale, application, and function of the building so as to cope with the advanced knowledge information society.

Business Overview

GS Neotek’s building control business (IBS business) provides a wide array of multimedia services such as establishing voice/data network that is a communication-based facility in the building, public address & satellite broadcasting, etc. so as to efficiently provide the optimal work environment and a variety of information to the users.
In addition, we combine the IBS system and IT technology so as to maximize the energy management and the tenant’s workability.

IBS System Integration

System Integration

Business Performance

Business Performance

Business Performance
Year Project Name
2016 - Installation of Automation Control System for the MagokLG Science Park: West
  Section (DP2) Project
2015 - Information and Communication System for the Construction of KEPCO E&C
  Headquarter Building
- Supply of CATV System for the BismayahNew City Project (BNCP), Bismayah, Iraq
- Temperature Control System for the Construction of Han River Central Xi
  Apartment Complex
2014 - Information and Telecommunication System for the Construction of Korea National
  Food Cluster Support Center
- Supply of CATV System for the BismayahNew-City Project (BNCP), Bismayah,
- Construction of Real-time Text-based Communication System for the Republic of
  Korea (ROK) Navy
- Telecommunication System for the AEON Mall BSD City Project, Indonesia
- Telecommunication works for the ParnasTower Expansion Project, Seoul
- Installation of Automation Control System for the Yeongjong-do Integrated
  Logistics Warehouse No. 2, Yeongjong-do
2013 -Information and Telecommunication Construction at Defense Culture Research
- Information and Telecommunication Construction at New Office Building of KEPCO
- CCTV Equipment Installation at Zone 2-2 of Government Buildings in Sejong
- Information and Telecommunication Construction at Zone 1 for Relocation of
  Rural Development Administration
- Supply of TBM_AB Equipment to HankookTire plant in Hungary
- BTL Automatic Control Construction for Military Facilities in Pajuand Yangju
- DaeshinCentral Xi Automatic Control Construction in Daegu
2012 - Information and telecommunication construction in 21 construction area of
- Telecommunication construction for GaramHappy Center in Gyoha, Paju
- Information and telecommunication / automatic control construction for GS
- Telecommunication construction for the 2nd phase spillway construction of
- IBS construction in Korea Center for International Finance, Yeouido
- IBS construction in IFCS Hotel in Yeouido
- IBS construction in R&D Center of NC SOFT in Pangyo
- Communication construction in National Museum of Modern Art
- Auto control construction in the buildings of Seoul Family & Administrative Court
- Auto control construction in SeocheonNational Ecological Park
- IBS construction in YeosuCulture & Art Park
- IBS construction in Safety Experience Theme Park
- Communication construction in outpatient/central operation center of
  ChounnamNational University Hospital
- IBS construction in GS Retail, Anyang branch
2010 - IBS construction for southeast distribution complex
- IBS construction for Alpensia
- Auto control construction in PajuP8
- Communication construction in Time Square in Yeongdeungpo
2007 - KOREA POST (Office of Postal Service) IBS Establishment
- JinjuMedical Center Communication Facilities Establishment
2005 - Chung-Ang University Hospital Medical Center IBS Establishment
- PaJu LG LCD P7 Automatic Control Establishment
2003 - SangAm IT Center IBS Establishment
- Seoul National University Bundang Hospital IBS Establishment
2002 - National Museum of Korea IBS Establishment
- InCheon Munhak Sports Complex Communication Facilities Establishment
- Korea Industrial Design Center IBS Establishment
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