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Home network business covers the establishment of home network system by applying a variety of wired/wireless technology to enable customers to maintain their residential environment in a more convenient, pleasant and safe manner. This service also enables customers to use a variety of internet information quickly and comfortably, at any place and time, by connecting various digital equipments installed in a Ubiquitous communication environment configuration.This is a future-oriented residential culture business that meets the customers’needs by the implementation of energy reduction and ultra-high speed internet environment configuration by applying ecosystem.

Business Overview

GS Neotek’s home network business provides total home information control solution and service that enables bi-directional communication through the connection of internet-based electrical/electronic products in a single wired/wireless system.

Outside Communication Service through Home Server It enables external communication with a variety of devices such as lighting fixture, gas valve, temperature controller, etc. within the household through a cellular phone, PC, etc. It also provides the service such as checking the visitor from a remote place, grasping and controlling the system condition within the household, verifying the condition of the complex, etc.

Communication & Anti-theft, Anti-disaster Functions It provides the functions of inter-household video communication/trunk line communication/porch communication, and also satisfies the aspect of safety through its anti-theft/anti-disaster function (moving object detector/fire sensor/gas leakage sensor) and notifying any event to the guardroom/guard officer/private cellular phone.

Contents & Convenience Facility Linking Service It provides a variety of contents such as VOD (Video On Demand), EOD (Education On Demand), Electronic Library, etc. and provides future-oriented regional linking service such as grasping the health care, commercial arcade linking/complex convenience facility status and the reservation thereof.

Green Home Eco Service We introduce eco-signal light and eco-mode functions that may save the energy consumption in the house, realizing the Green Home.

Configuration Diagram

Configuration Diagram

Main products

Main products

Business Performance

Business Performance
Year Major Description
2011 - LH Suwon Homaesil/ Paju Gyoha Home Network Establishment
- Incheon Yeonsu-dong Daewoo Prugio Home Network Establishment
2010 - Namkwang E&C Deokmyeong Haustory Home Network Establishment
2009 - Kyeryong Construction Cheongju Biharicheville Home Network Establishment
2008 - LG Yeoeuido Hanseong Xi Apt. Home Network Establishment
- Sinchang Construction Suyeong-ri Viva Family Home Network / FTTH Establishment
- Daejeon Doryong-dong Smart City Home Network Establishment
- Hwaseong Dongtan 2nd/3rd/5th Blocks FTTH / Health Care Establishment
- Banpo 3rd Complex Xi Apt. Home Network Establishment
2007 - CMB Gwangju Testbed FTTH Establishment (ABF)
2005 - LG Bangbae Hwangsil Xi Apt. Home Network Establishment
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