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CDN (Contents Delivery Networks) provides its service to the internet service providers of all the categories such as domestic leading portals, broadcasting, education, on-line game, etc. based on the industry’s leading technology and major IDC (ISP) and a large-scale cloud infrastructure built in NTT Japan

Business Overview

Powered with the industry’s leading technology, GS Neotek’s CDN service doesn’t limit itself in the existing web-based service but also provides the service customized for smooth operation from various devices such as Smart TV, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, etc. Especially, it possesses its own platform that is optimized for multimedia service transmission coping with the recent increasing data; based on which, it enables the provision of service optimized for customer’s needs.
Recently, it built its own cloud computing and provides the service for various devices from the establishment of its own Video Cloud Computing.


Five (5) Key Success Factors for Successful On-Line Business provided by GS CDN

Speed Up There could exist the problem of speed reduction due to inter-ISP data traffic jam (IX net Peering Problem). This response speed issue can be drastically solved and improved by providing multiple edge servers to the domestic leading IDC closest to the user.

Scalability and Availability Scalability and availability of the solution as well as infrastructure required to cope with the issues such as sudden increase in the number of concurrent users, event, service expansion, etc. can be guaranteed for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. (Operation of NOC)

Quality Improvement We provide qualified service consistently through server configuration, network and system consulting optimized for the customer’s on-line business so as to prevent the user’s agitation and enhance the customer’s loyalty.

Security We protect your customers and services from unexpected invasion such as virus, hacking, DDoS, etc. and you can also securely protect your intellectual property through media security, DRM service, etc.

Cost Reduction It enables to drastically reduce the overlapped investment and fixed expense due to infrastructure (Network, System) extension following the expansion of service.

Five (5) Key Success Factors for Successful On-Line Business provided by GS CDN

Video Cloud Platform provided by CDN

Cloud Computing based On-line Video Platform =>Video Cloud Computing

It provides everything required for providing high-quality video on any screen and from any device.
- File uploading (audio/video), Automatic encoding, Advertisement insert, Publishing for any subject
   such as Smart phone, PC, etc., provision of integrated statistics (No. of reproduction, time, etc.)

Video Cloud Platform

It enables the management on the Manager’s Web page for all the fields of live image service such as contents uploading/management, and transmission of live image for all devices.

It enables expansion to the service in various types though Open API (Application Programmer Interface). It enables the application to basic infrastructure platform of SaaS service for a variety of solution providers.

Video Cloud Platform provided by CDN

Business Performance

Business Performance
Year Project Name
2001-2016 * Portal, Broadcasting (Network), Education, On-line Shopping, Gaming
- Mega Study, MBest, Etoos, High Percent
-, Interpark, GS Home Shopping, Chosun Ilbo
Representative Field of Concentration / Profession E-MAIL TEL
Moo-Kyung Sung Marketing & Sales +(82) 2-2630-5679
Plant - Environment/Energy - Electric Machinery - Information & Communications - IT