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Business Overview

GS Neotek contributes to the improvement of productivity and customer satisfaction by providing more stable and optimized network solution based on the accumulated know-how and enhanced competitiveness in the field of information & communication.

Network Business Infrastructure Establishment

Network & System Establishment

Integrating the network to improve and develop the customer’s business, and establishing the economic and effective system and stable network infrastructure, from the stage of designing the optimal network & security system to the stage of system implementation, so as to efficiently and actively cope with the increasing business volume due to the advancement of business.

Network & System Establishment


Optimizing the customer’s system and providing the constructive direction on IT Infrastructure diagnosis & security design, master plan preparation related with network establishment, and technical consultation, etc. through consulting manpower.


Infrastructure Service

Mobilizing a systematic maintenance system so as to maintain optimal performance in the current system environment, resulting in the minimization of restoration time and enabling the customer’s system to perform its service in a normal way

- Regular checking at least once a month
- Establishment of systematic system for error treatment
- Receipt of customer’s error (Operation of Help Desk) => Problem analysis => Extraction of cause
  => Error treatment => Establishment of future plan
- Minimization of error restoration time
- Remote management through the operation of a 24-hour NOC Center
- Rapid treatment of error through the operation of a call center

Infrastructure Service

Key Partner

Network/Security Division

System Division

Business Performance

Business Performance
Year Project Name
2014 - Line service for DREAMLINE
- Establishment of Smart Work for SERVEONE
- Establishment of security solution for GS HomeShopping
2010 - GS Home Shopping Security/Network Infrastructure Service
- Ilsan Xi Apt. Network Establishment
- Korea Housing Corp. Infrastructure Service
2009 - WAN Establishment
- Marine Corps Video Wall Establishment
- Navy Short-Range Computer Network Establishment
- GS Retail VPN Establishment
2008 - GS Home Shopping Establishment
- GS Gangnam Broadcasting - Broadcasting DB Refinery & Security System Establishment
- GS E&C RFID Establishment
- Songdo Industrial Technology & Culture Complex Network Establishment
- G market DR Establishment
- Inter Park Backbone Network
2007 - Defense Acquisition Program Administration WAN / Navy Short-Range Computer
  Network Establishment
- Digital Broadcasting AV Establishment
2006 - GS Home Shopping Security Control System/Digital Broadcasting System Establishment
- Network Establishment
- Gangnam Cable TV DMC Establishment / Subscriber Management System Establishment
2004 - Hanmaum Mutual Savings Bank System Establishment
- Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service Network/System Infrastructure Service
- Agricultural and Rural Infrastructure Corporation System Establishment
- Our Home VPN Establishment & Infrastructure service
- GS Home Shopping CRM System Establishment
- Establishment (Network Field)
2003 - KT Hacking Network Establishment
- Songpa Gu Office/Eunpyeong Gu Office Network Establishment
2002 - Woori Investment & Securities Nationwide Computer Network Establishment &
  Infrastructure Service
- Library Security System Establishment
- GS Caltex Nationwide Gas Station (2,000 stations) VPN Establishment
- GS Retail & GS25 CVS (2,000 stores) VPN Establishment
2001 - Gyeonggi-do 2nd Government Building Network Establishment
1999 - GS Home Shopping Network/Security Computer Network & GS Shopping Mall
  System Establishment
- Incheon Munhak Stadium Computer Network Establishment
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Soo Yong, Hong IPT / IPCC / IT Infra +(82) 2-2630-5333
Dae Wook, Kim IPT / IPCC / IT Infra +(82) 2-2630-5404
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