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Domestic Plant Business Team Introduces Roof Air Raising at the Samcheok LNG Tank Site
Category News Date 2012.05.30 View 11487

A unique construction method that lifts an enormous-sized iron roof through the air raising technique was introduced on the 30th in the LNG production and tank storage site in Samcheok. An investment of 2.7 trillion won was spent on the 980,000 m2, space, the entire area of the Hosan-ri, Wondeok-eup, Samcheok-si. This is the 12th phase of the construction of the LNG tank storage with 200,000 kg capacity. Among nos. 1-4 tanks in the 1st phase, the No. 3 tank constructed by GS NEOTEK was treated to the roof air raising technique.

Since its perfect execution was achieved by thorough preparation, the technical competence of the company was highly appreciated, winning the approval of the Korean Gas Corporation, as well as the client, GS Engineering & Construction. The roof covering the tank storage site is a massive iron structure, measuring 84m diameter and weighing 1,250 tons. The iron roof was lifted from the ground up to 39 meters in height by blowing air into the cylinder-type storage tank. The roof was welded with the iron plate that was previously installed on the concrete top.

It took about a week for the installation of the hydraulic type used in the past; however, the air raising method enables safe and fast installation of a heavy roof in 3 hours. Aside from the significance of this technique, highlighted more is the technical advancement of the company.

The construction of the 4th phase of the LNG tank storage will ,proceed until the construction of the 12th phase in 2014 while GS NEOTEK is proceeding with the construction of nos.3 and 4 tanks.