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Korean Financial Management Awards GS Neotek the Grand Prize in the Large Enterprises Category
Category News Date 2012.10.11 View 10107

GS NEOTEK was awarded the grand prize in the Large Enterprises Category in the 13th Korean Financial Management Awards held on October 11 at the Plaza Hotel. With 524 billion won in annual sales last year, GS NEOTEK won the average score of 95.77 for stability, 84.4 for profitability, 82.74 for activity, 81.42 for growth potential, realizing 86.88 points for the overall evaluation. Based on such achievement, the grand prize for the large enterprises category was awarded to the company.

The Korean Financial Management Awards was hosted by the New Industry Management Academy and sponsored by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants. It is a reward program that is executed every year to screen and encourage businesses for transparent and sound management. In winning the prize for the third time, first in 2006 and second in 2008, GS NEOTEK was acknowledged for its sound financial structure and transparent management culture.