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ESS business is the essential system for improving energy efficiency and stable supply of new and renewable energy. GS Neotek provides services including consulting, design, delivery and establishment throughout all stages of development, power transmission, power distribution and consumption and has secured the best products and business results in the relevant industry.

Business Introduction

Energy Storage System
Essential system for improving energy efficiency and stable supply of new and renewable energy
The energy storage system is the system which stores and supplies the produced energy at the time when energy is required to improve energy efficiency. It can be utilized in the power system such as development, power transmission and distribution, and customers (buildings & plants). Also, the system solves the power quality problem which is one of the disadvantages in new and renewable energy to enable stable energy supply.

  • Concept of ESS
    System which stores and supplies energy when it is needed most to improve energy efficiency

  • Need of ESS
Need of ESS
  • Location of ESS configuration
Location of ESS configuration

ESS system configuration

ESS (Energy Storage System) consists of Battery / BMS (Battery Management System) / PCS (Power Conditioning System) /EMS (Energy Management System) and other power distribution and communication facilities.

  • ESS configuration
    Battery/BMS + PCS (Power Conditioning System) + EMS + protection system, etc
ESS configuration
  • Battery : Perform charging and discharging of Grid/new and renewable energy generation
  • BMS : Perform the whole monitoring function of battery system (voltage/electic current/SoC/SoH/temperature)
  • PCS : Inter-conversion control between KEPCO (Grid)/new and renewable energy generation (AC) and battery DC power
  • PMS : Perform overall ESS monitoring including collection and monitoring of battery and PCS operation information and environmental facilities
  • EMS/SCADA : Perform energy management function of (x)EMS or IBS system in buildings and plants and overall energy management (predictive operation, evaluation and external system interlocking)

Business Introduction

  • Main functions
    System stabilization and large capacity power storage: Industrial facilities, power plants, substations and water treatment plants
    New and renewable energy storage: Stabilize the power quality of solar energy generation and wind power generation
    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Supply large power to applicable load independently when separated from the system
    Power quality management of power transmission and distribution networks
  • Characteristics and advantages
    Possible to increase capacity and change purpose according to users' needs
    Increase user convenience through integrated management of hardware and software
    Possible to apply battery suitable for the characteristics of each SMART GRID field
    Verify the business model through demonstration business

Business Introduction

Business Performance
Year Project Name
2015 - Wind Power Storage System (ESS) for the GS E&R 59.4 MW YeongyangWind Farm
  Project[16.8MW Power Conditioning System (PCS) / 50.4MWh Energy Storage
  System (ESS)]
- Power Conditioning System (PCS) for the Construction of KEPCO 16MW Shin-
  ChungjuSubstation for the KEPCO ESS Frequency Regulation (FR) Project in YR
  2015[16MW Power Conditioning System (PCS)]
- Energy Storage System (ESS) for the National Smart Grid Supply Project in Korea
  [2MW Power Conditioning System (PCS) / 4MWh Energy Storage System (ESS)]
2014 - ESS establishment (6.7MW/1.5MWh) at OchangFactory 1 of LG Chem
- GasanR&D Center (270KW/200KWh) of LG Electronics
- ESS distribution project of Korea Energy Management Corporation in 2014
- Suwon branch (500KW/250KWh) of Korea District Heating Corporation
- Anyang branch (1MW/500KWh) of GS Power
- Korea Railroad Research Institute (100KW/100KWh)
- Hyundai E&C Research Institute (100KW/100KWh)
2013 - ESS distribution project of Korea Smart Grid Institute in 2013
- SK Apartment-type Factory (750KW/550KWh)
- JungangInduspiaCo. Apartment-type Factory ((500KW/250KWh)
- ESS distribution project of Korea Energy Management Corporation in 2013
- Korea Institute of Energy Research (500KW/250KWh)
- Korea District Heating Corporation (500KW/250KWh)
- ChungbukNational University Hospital (270KW/250KWh)
Representative Field of Concentration / Profession E-MAIL TEL
Seung-yeub, Lee Energy Storage System (ESS) +(82) 2-2630-5122
Ki-yong, Yoo Energy Storage System (ESS) +(82) 2-2630-5186
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