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Our mobile communication business secures an excellent network establishment technology covering the base station, transmission, exchange network for overall fields of 2G, 3G and 4G such as CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE through the experience accumulated from having established the world’s top-level mobile communication network.

Business Overview

GS Neotek’s mobile communication business provides total service and solution of communication, electronic/control fields to leading customers in the fields of trunk communication, military/public institute, etc. based on the experience of having established the best wired/wireless infrastructure in Korea.

Business Overview

Mobile communication Project

We achieved the world’s first commercialization of CDMA-type PCS mobile communication system based on the experience of having established the CDMA network of SK Telecom, which upgraded Korea’s mobile communication technology. Digital communication business established the optimal communication network based on ‘Korean style electric wave characteristic model’ customized to Korea’s topography having relatively many mountainous places and urban areas by participating in the stages of design up to construction of LGU+ PCS site.

In addition, we eliminated the call drop phenomenon that occurs in the mixed network by establishing a nationwide single network. We provide clean communication quality by perfectly embodying soft hand-off between exchange systems, in addition to providing the most excellent communication quality among the three PCS suppliers in Korea through the embedded 8,000km-long optical cable, world’s first optical relay network technology and ring-type base station connection. We currently support the advanced multimedia service.

This project currently being progressed has won the No. 1 prize in the Mobile Communication Business Provider Communication Quality Test held by the Ministry of Information & Communication in 1999, which served as an opportunity of proudly announcing the potential energy of GS Neotek in the field of digital communication.

Gyeongbu KTX Line Train Radio System Project

This is the system that provides the contact means among the employees such as train conductor who relays command between train and ground and operates the train, crew, track side maintenance worker, on duty worker, etc. for the safe operation of Gyeongbu KTX Line, which adopted the digital method of high-frequency in 800 MHz zone, and exchanges the train condition between the on-board computer and the Center on a real-time basis.

Using a single frequency nationwide network, we processed the testing line zone for 57km of Cheonan through Maepo, and then commenced the official test operation of KTX line in Sojeong~Hyeondo 3.4km on Dec. 16, 1999.
Since then, starting from KTX Line train radio system for Seoul~Daejeon in January 2001, we have been doing our best as the leading firm in the industry by establishing the Gyeongbu KTX Line train radio system for Daejeon~Daegu in June.

As every process was completed in December 2003 and April 2004 without delay, it has contributed to the establishment of the system for the safe transport of the GS Neotek passengers.

Digital Microwave System Establishment Project

This is the project that replaces existing nationwide analog microwave system, used for the National Army’s communication network, into the digital microwave system and inter-operates with the ATM-based defense network, aiming at the modernization and digitalization of nationwide army communication network. GS Neotek established the optimal defense communication network based on the experience and know-how accumulated from having established KT’s island radio system and broadcasting communication microwave system. GS Neotek is actively contributing to the modernization of the defense network of Korea.

Business Performance

Business Performance
Year Project Name
2011 ~ ing - KT Corporation Mobile Communication Network Construction Project: WCDMA,
- SK Telecom Mobile Communication Network Construction Project: WCDMA, LTE
1997 ~ ing - LG U+ Corp. Mobile Communication Network Construction Project: CDMA,
1999 ~ 2011 - Unified command digital M/W system establishment project
2000 ~ 2004 - Seoul~Daejeon, Daejeon~Daegu train radio system
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