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Plant control business covers the engineering, system integration, product supply and project management of the instrument that directly performs surveillance/control in the key system and line required for the integrated surveillance and control of the plant equipment.

Business Overview

GS Neotek’s plant control business provides total engineering services including design, distribution, installation, and trial running of the key system required for the integrated surveillance and control of the plant/power generation, and environment projects at home and abroad.
In addition, we carry out engineering and product supply business for communication network (LAN), wired/wireless voice communication equipment, security and surveillance system that are the basic infrastructures in the plant field.

Business Overview

System : Business Items

PIMS Plant Information Management System (LIMS, EMS, PMS, OTC etc.)

PCS(DCS/PLC) Process control system that manages and controls the process of applicable plant

SCADA Integrated system that collects all the information of the plant

IPCS The system that protects power system and performs surveillance/control thereof

Instrument : Business Item

MOV (Motor Operated Valves) · Analyzer · Cathodic · Leak Detection

Telecommunication : business Item

LAN · ACS · PABX · PA/GA · Radio · CCTV

Plant-related fields

Business Performance

Business Performance
Year Project Name
2015 - Telecommunication System for the Inter Refineries Pipelines II (IRP-II) Project,
  Ruwais, UAE
- Telecommunication System for the PTT LNG Receiving Terminal Project -Phase II,
- Telecommunication System for the HOUT Project, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- Installation of Automation Control System for the LG Display Gumi P-61 AP3 CMOS
  Project, Gumi
- Installation of Automation Control System for the LG Display PajuP-9 (IT) Project,
- Installation of Toxic De-Ionized Water Storage Tank Leak Detection System for LG
  Display Gumi Plant Facilities, Gumi
2014 - Telecommunication System for the Tail Gas Treating Unit (TGTU) Project, Kuwait
- Repair and Maintenance works for the Water Storage Tank Leak Detection System
  for LG Display Gumi Plant Facilities, Gumi
- Installation of Automation Control System for the LG Display Gumi M5 D150
  Project, Gumi
2013 - M2 OLED Automatic Control Construction in Paju
- Capa-up Automatic Control Construction in P8
- Automatic Control Construction for Module Complex in Gumi
- WARA PMP TC in Kuwait
- CliacapFRCC TC in Indonesia
- UHV TC in Thailand
- RABIGH II CP3,4 TC in Saudi Arabia
- RABIGH II UO1 in Saudi Arabia
2012 - Automatic control construction in P9, Paju
- Automatic control construction in M5, Gumi
- Automatic control construction for SanmakGreen Field of Philip Morris Korea
- Telecommunication of IPC EVA project
- Delivery of Canadian materials Black Gold Oil TC
- Communication & Siren System for POSCO Engineering and Construction
- Construction of automatic control for LGD R&D building & residence building
- LGD residence in Guangzhou, China
- M1 basic design (OLED) for LGD Paju
- BarkaSoharTC
- G-UMC Monitoring System
- Construction of GZ Ph-2 auto control for LGD in Guangzhou, China
- RRE Ph-7 MOV
- ManifaGas TC in Saudi Arabia
2011 - NO3 HOU PJT DCS
- Oman Methanol PJT TC
2010 - Bio Diesel PJT DCS
- Las Laffan, GDP, PTT LNG (Commissioning)
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